In this article, discover the best places to sleep near Universal Studios and Disney World in Orlando!

Located in the heart of Florida, Orlando is known worldwide for its amusement parks. From Walt Disney World Resort to Universal Studios, via Legoland, you will inevitably find what you are looking for! An ideal destination if you travel with children, or if you yourself are fond of amusement parks. Not to mention that Orlando is home to a few other points of interest that are worth a visit. Wondering where to stay to enjoy the parks? The city attracts more than 50 million visitors each year. As a result, it is one of the largest hotel hubs in the United States! I might as well tell you that there are plenty of choices. To help you find your way around, here are the best places to sleep near Universal Studios and Disney World in Orlando.



Amusement parks are central institutions in Orlando. Real cities in the city, they offer all the amenities to visitors: entertainment, shops, restaurants and of course hotels! If you are looking for a place to sleep near Universal Studios and Disney World in Orlando, why not sleep in the parks? This solution has advantages and disadvantages that you will discover in this article. It will be up to you to choose the option that best suits your budget and your desires!

Universal Orlando Resort consists of three parks: Universal Studios Florida, Universal‘s Island of Adventure and Universal’s Volcano Bay. Each one houses many hotels that adopt the themes of the franchise. You will find high-standard hotels with swimming pool and family suite, but also other more affordable establishments. Lodging there allows you to enjoy easy access to the park. If you want to stay for several days, this is the ideal solution to limit travel! Especially since staying on site usually allows you to access the park earlier and benefit from a queue breaker pass. However, these privileges have a cost. Indeed, hotels are very expensive! Universal Studios offers packages including park entrance tickets and overnight stays. To discover the different offers, visit the official Universal Studios Orlando website.


Would you like to visit Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando? Stretching over 100 square kilometres, the park is simply huge. Accommodation in one of the 20 hotels on the site has many advantages. First of all, a shuttle bus picks you up directly from the airport. Once there, you can use the site’s transport free of charge. Then you have access to the park before or after official hours. And finally, you have priority over reservations. In short, it is a dream solution, especially if you come with children! Of course, there is also a disadvantage, and not the least: the price. It is always very high, however, you have the choice between three categories of hotels:

  • The “Value” hotels, the cheapest;
  • The “Moderate” hotels;
  • The “Deluxe” hotels, which offer optimal comfort and additional amenities.

In addition to the hotels within the park, you can take a look at the establishments in Lake Buena Vista. This small town has the particularity of being entirely administered by the Walt Disney Company! You will find Good Neighbors hotels there. These are Disney partner hotels, which tend to be more affordable than those of the franchise.


Looking for a more economical way to sleep near Universal Studios and Disney World in Orlando? When staying in Orlando, you will need to spend more time on transportation. If you are unlucky, you may even find yourself in traffic! However, the city has a very large number of facilities that are much more affordable than in the parks:

  • The partner hotels of the parks allow you to benefit from certain advantages. In particular, they offer shuttles to reach the sites;
  • “Independent” hotels can be adapted to all budgets and desires. Some motels offer very attractive rates while offering satisfactory comfort;
  • Finally, you will find interesting offers on Airbnb.

Where to sleep in Orlando? Downtown Orlando is the city’s historic district. You will find the main places of interest, but also many bars and restaurants. However, the best place to find a hotel is International Drive. It is located very close to the main amusement parks and houses a large number of establishments, offering excellent value for money. It’s the perfect place to sleep near Universal Studios and Disney World in Orlando!


Kissimmee is a small town located south of Orlando. It has a good transport network that links the city centre and the main amusement parks. The main advantage of staying in Kissimmee is the very affordable price of the hotels located there. By booking in advance, you can find particularly interesting offers. And this, for establishments located very close to Disney World or Universal Studios! Not to mention that the city is home to a few partner hotels. By staying there, you won’t have to worry about transportation. A shuttle will pick you up directly to take you to the parks. Kissimmee is also a peaceful and pleasant place. You can reach the shores of Lake Toho for a walk and enjoy a little bit of nature!

Do you travel by motorhome or van? Or do you simply want to reduce hosting costs as much as possible? Kissimmee is home to several campgrounds. For thrifty people and nature lovers, this is the best option to find a place to sleep near Universal Studios and Disney World parks in Orlando.