Ashes of Aries by Martha C Lawrence

In Martha C. Lawrence’s fifth Elizabeth Chase novel, “Ashes of Aries”, our favourite San  Diego psychic private investigator is known as in to assist find the kidnapped son of a community telecommunications executive, a person who turned his company Starcomm into a multi-million dollar marketplace.

All through her conference with the missing boy’s parents, which takes position soon following staying handed the situation, Elizabeth smells smoke. A fast lookup of the enormous area reveals almost nothing amiss. She won’t understand it right until later on which the odor of smoke was a premonition. Afterwards that day, the entire neighborhood goes up in flames, killing the Starcomm exec and his spouse, who come to be trapped within their motor vehicle inside their complicated by shut iron gates. The fireplace knocked out electricity while in the spot as well as gates’ controls did not operate, blocking the unlucky couple’s escape.

Chase’s parents’ home is nearby. In her worry to discover if her mom and dad and house are protected, Elizabeth ventures in the flames. She encounters a firefighter named Zev, from whom she feels peculiar vibes that she are unable to demonstrate.

For the exact same time, she fulfills Randy Twain, a television reporter, who experienced experimented with to job interview her within the executive’s dwelling that early morning. His photographer was filming the blaze and it is now stranded, needing evacuation. Elizabeth agrees that will help Twain’s photographer if Zev will give them permission to enter the hearth zone, which he does with good reluctance.

They rescue the photographer Jane though the a few of them hardly help it become out of the hearth zone alive. Whilst she does not get to locate her dad and mom, she shortly finds them alive and effectively at a close by Red Cross station, unhurt, significantly to her aid. A tv with the station is broadcasting stay experiences from a information helicopter and she sees her parents’ household, however standing and undamaged. She also sees a information clip of your burning vehicle during which the Starcomm exec and his spouse perished.

Her psychic ability warns her that the fire was no accident along with the exec was the intended victim. Arson investigators uncover proof that demonstrates she was ideal. Now, it really is a murder investigation.

Elizabeth carries on to acquire images of Scooby-Doo, a favorite of the kidnapped baby, and concludes that he’s still alive. Sadly, she can not shake Twain, the reporter, who’s got learned who she’s and has appropriately speculated her position while in the investigation.

Shortly there is a further suspicious hearth, which destroys element of the Starcomm setting up as well as a close by condominium complicated. After the blaze continues to be extinguished, Elizabeth’s energy potential customers her to some fireproof risk-free while in the burn up zone, which is made up of a take note threatening extra fires. Sadly, it does not expose anymore clues on the kidnapped boy.