Which parks in Orlando to visit?

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Good advice for enjoying theme parks or amusement parks with family and friends, for thrills, memories and imaginary worlds. Mickey or Harry Potter, animal or superhero, dry or wet?

Walt Disney World theme parks

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is 4 theme parks and 2 water parks. Concerning the first 4, they are: Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Epcot. The 2 water parks are Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach. Walt Disney World.

Magic Kingdom Park

It is the first of Orlando’s four Walt Disney amusement parks. Magic Kingdom Park is Disney’s world par excellence, where the seven dwarves, Tic and Tac, Buzz Lightyear or Snow White, gather around Cinderella’s castle, which also makes an appearance between two mops.

Everything is cared for and studied to make the little children happy, who marvel at each attraction. It is better (or even vital) to avoid American school holidays. A teenager may be dragging his feet but will eventually be caught up in the enchanting world of Disney. Remember to wear good shoes and plan good physical (and mental) preparation because the park is huge and exhausting.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is the largest of the 4 Disney amusement parks. It is more dedicated to nature and its conservation. More than 1700 animals live together in peace, in a setting that is sometimes a little bit like cardboard paste.

Children, teenagers and adults generally spend a good day there, without being memorable. Avoid visiting this park on hot days, and prefer to arrive early in the morning to avoid (too) mixing with the crowd. For those who have visited a monumental San Diego zoo and have fond memories of it, there is no need to travel to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.


This is the second park in Orlando created by Walt Disney in the last years of his life. Epcot corresponds in French to “Prototype Expérimental d’une Communauté du Futur”. This park was therefore “futuristic when it was created in 1982, but becomes slightly obsolete 30 years later.

It is divided into 2: Future World with attractions based on “modern” advances, and World Showcase, where different nations are represented through replicas of cities and villages. It is not necessarily the park to take your young children to because you have to walk a lot and there are few attractions for their age.

You can stop there for half a day, preferably at lunchtime because restaurants abound, and as long as you don’t have your wallet as hungry as your stomach.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios or MGM Studios

Teenagers, adults, and especially “teenagers” this Orlando park is a must. Thrills guaranteed by climbing into most attractions, ego comforted by thinking of himself as a movie star, imagination satisfied by going behind the scenes. One day remains very short to walk through this park, which we leave backwards. Little children do not necessarily have their place in it, but some activities of their age are reserved for them.

Walt Disney World Water Parks

How to choose where to place your towel among the Disney water parks? Preferably to the park closest to the rest of your activities. These 2 parks are located south of Magic Kingdom Park. Disney’s Blizzard is located to the west, between Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is located further east, towards Epcot and Downtown Disney Area.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

This water park will delight the whole family. The wave pool is one of the main attractions; be careful, however, because it quickly transforms from a giant bathtub pool to a crowded one. This park is finally the ideal place to recharge your batteries on a hot day, between two visits to nearby amusement parks.

For those who are not equipped or do not wish to load, towels and lockers can be rented, and life jackets are available for the younger ones. To avoid wasting time – and money – take your picnic with you, it has 2 areas for this purpose.

Disney’s Blizzard Beach

The 2 water parks in Orlando are quite similar: they are slides, screams and kilos of sunscreen. The particularity of this park lies in its atmosphere as a ski resort with an Arctic pole trend.

You climb into a cable car to access an attraction, slide into a slalom slide, or jump from one end of the iceberg to the other. We prefer (to the French District editorial staff) Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, however Blizzard Beach is also pleasant.

Universal Orlando Parks

Universal Studios Orlando

First competitor of Disney World, Universal Studios was created with the help of Steven Spielberg; it is therefore THE park to visit in this area. It is divided into several sections that reproduce sets from Universal films or even from its rivals (Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox or DreamWorks).

It can be visited in a day but on the run. The park is ideal for young adults, or old teenagers, and young children do not have as much fun as their elders.

Universal Islands of Adventure

This is the second Universal Studios theme park in Orlando. This amusement park is composed of 6 different islands, all more or less adventurous. Fans of the wand (wizard’s wand) and others will of course find the famous Harry Potter attraction there since 2010. Children (not too young), teenagers, adults and all the others are sure to spend magical moments in this park, which is absolutely fantastic.

The park for the little ones


LEGOLAND is an interactive park reserved for children between 2 and 12 years old, and 12 years of mental age does not count because the adult individual will not find any pleasure there. We easily spend the day there, i.e. from 10am to 5pm since apparently they are at 35 hours at Lego.

The park will delight little children, and the Way of the Cross will delight parents who wait in line for their dear offspring to give free rein to their artistic genius by assembling coloured plastic cubes. The park is divided into two parts, a construction part, leisure and special attractionsLEGOandDuploand another one dedicated to the water park.

Be careful, the park is located in Winter Haven, 45 minutes from Orlando. It is advisable to go there during the week because there are fewer people.

The world of the sea


The must-see theme park in Orlando. To approach it serenely, count on a good day, from which even the tough ones will come out washed out. Children, teenagers and adults spend an unforgettable day – ideally 2 days – provided they have a plan and study it strategically in advance.

It is better to plan your day according to the schedules of the attractions you wish to visit. It should be noted, however, that since 2010, trainers no longer go in the water with killer whales, for safety reasons.


Aquatica, SeaWorld’s water park, is a bit of an ungrateful girl. It is easy to stay only half a day, and to choose, you choose more for one of the two Disney water parks.

The river is pleasant with a strong current, and the wave pool is a delight for the intrepid. There is little room for small children, except in a few small spaces dedicated to them. It is a park that is more suitable for teenagers, even adults.